Open Your Mind to WalNUTS

Brain Teaser:What can be stolen, mistaken, or altered, yet never leaves you your entire life?(answer below) The Walnut Of courseit's good for you brainCould there beA more obvious signThe thing looks like a brain Following that train of thought...The shell looks like a scrotumSo...Will eating the shellstrengthen my scrotum? eat right, help your brain keep … Continue reading Open Your Mind to WalNUTS

Engaging Liquidation

Brain Teaser:What has cities, but no houses; forests, but no trees; and water, but no fish?(answer below) Goldfish, Vegetables & Republicans There is a question of the mindthat has always plagued mankind:How can one be awareWhen there's nothing there? Socially Engaged Do I have to go out? It's good for you, socialising, I mean. I'll … Continue reading Engaging Liquidation