Ya-du: Ask the Season & He Looked at Me Funny

Ask the Season Ask the seasonthe reason whythe sun must burnand you learn this:We turn light to bliss He Looked at Me Funny aka Halloween's Over My pumpkin's deadThe carved head smashedInstead of smilesA hostile messtrials now strain me, I must confess The ya-du is a Burmese poetic form. Quintains (or five-line stanzas).Four syllables in … Continue reading Ya-du: Ask the Season & He Looked at Me Funny

Seguidilla: Leave

Go the way of scattered leaves   drifting on and on    Caught in the blinking eye     flitters, shudders, gone. If one ever deceives the answer is what holds strong true love never leaves Seguidilla started off as a song before eventually settling on an established poetic form. Specifically, seguidilla began as a dance … Continue reading Seguidilla: Leave

Droigneach: I Know What UFOs Are

Between observers, opinions may range diverselyConcerning the strange lights and sinister abductions. These vile visitors call with conduct so unearthly And a purpose which defies logical deductionsBright lights, time and memory loss, faulty radiosTheir manner of travelling with wavy waywardness. I have solved the puzzling existence of UFOsThey're joyriding angels at the height of drunkenness … Continue reading Droigneach: I Know What UFOs Are

A Dark Matter

Darkness weighs down upon me. There are three hours left until sunrise, but I'll be dead long before the sun blesses this land. The intermittent flickering of my flashlight confirms my fear, they are already here. Our intentions were honourable; reanimate dark matter in the hopes of better understanding the origins of the universe. Except, … Continue reading A Dark Matter