Children’s Rhyme: Parents’ Parents

They took care of your mumThey took care of your dadTaught them right and wrongTaught them good and bad They are still known as parentsAnd you have two sets of twoThey are your parents' parentsBut they're called grandparents to you They feed you until you burstThen make you eat some moreNo matter how far you … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: Parents’ Parents

Children’s Rhyme: The Bird & The Bat

Through the bright skyOn feathered wings I flyWhat do you think of that?Said the bird to the bat Feathers are not for meAs you can plainly seeI'm glad you enjoy the dayBut night flying is my way We are the same you and IBrothers of an endless skyYou, a bat of the lightAnd I, a … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: The Bird & The Bat

Acceptance of Harmony

Harmony arrives by compliment And perfection is found in its completion Yet, neither can be found in a mirror The reflection lives within itself Two unique perspectives, both equal Symbiotically entwined with the senses Where acceptance is only possible By an observer outside looking in Eugi's Weekly Prompt: Harmony