In Dreams

What can be captured in wakeful statesIs necessity, not choiceThe equilibrium often dictatesWithout a voiceTucked within forgotten dreamsA tense all too terseAs the lucid love of moonbeamsDelivered in verseBlood rushing to cherub cheeksAbashed in innocenceBracing against the rhythmic creaksIs hidden common senseThe days are made to follow onAs the abandon of empty flasksThe contents considered … Continue reading In Dreams


Abandoned, alone in this room, rare for my kind. I'm haunted by a monochrome madness. It leaches from the bare walls, spilling forth the stuff of nightmares. Those few who dare enter, scamper through like rodents fearing a greater presence. I don't have that freedom, I stand waiting in shaft of light, I have no other options. It is the purpose … Continue reading Seat