Enslaved by Sacred Oil

Man is an intelligence in servitude to his organs.Aldous Huxley 7. Write an Irregular Ode or write a poem using the words "spy" and "deep" An instant cracklePlunged the silenceIn dreadA charcoal incenseOf a thousand deadRebirthedFrom eternal bedsMy spirit brokeI spyWatering eyesthe billowing smokeThe reapers disguiseI step forwardThe abyss within reachFearfulof what may transpireOf what … Continue reading Enslaved by Sacred Oil

Resilience to Fly

Fall seven times, stand up eight.Japanese Proverb 5. Write a Golden Shovel poem or write a poem incorporating the theme of change. We speak of the quality of change, thepotential as a symbol, the butterflywhose wrappings shed to unveil thefine glory made manifest. Yet we demand cabbage  clipped leaves to become wings of airborne white … Continue reading Resilience to Fly