Food For (stifling) Thought

Obesity is not because it runs in the family, its because, no one runs in the familyAnonymous Tanka: uneducated mass "I am offended!I have the runs all the time.""That's not what it means,that's a problem of diet,please, see a nutritionist." The process in which we prepareA direct answer to the level of careWhen awareness is … Continue reading Food For (stifling) Thought

Change Before Birth

You can't change who you are, and you shouldn't be asked to.Johnathan Mooney To beOr not to beIs not a question for meThat BE got nothing on me Your origin storyStarts before you are bornNow you are freeDecidewhat kind of hero you will be(But not Captain ADHD,I'm saving that for me) Genially, I askGenius, you … Continue reading Change Before Birth