Noodles & Sales

Starting Point:Noodles Senryü: untwisting the strand in the old noodlea puzzle unwinds its wayinto spaghetti Mouse's (philosophical cooking) Pro Tips Strain the noodlesBefore the flameOr receive a soggy resultWith only yourself to blame I blame the penI blame the paperIn the endI'm no better a writer Hey you're that writer, right?I've been known to compose … Continue reading Noodles & Sales

Bathroom to Prison

Starting Point:Reading on the Loo Reading on the looThere is an obvious rhyme hereSo what am I to do?I needn't be low browYou surely know it tooWe all remember the children's bookAnd what everybody must do Children's booksRun the gamutIf one looks one findsEvery categoryHas its books Google search: weirdest children's booksAnswer: Click here(you will … Continue reading Bathroom to Prison