None of these Days

"One of these days, is none of these days."Anonymous None of These Days SharpenSharperSharpenSharperYour voiceInsideOutsideInsideMy headone of these daysI'll do itOne of these days,One of these days,One of these days,I'm going to cut you into little piecesI'll bathe in the pinkBask in the lightTune the harmonic screechBeat the weathered tomeRelease billows of windRevel in the … Continue reading None of these Days

What is a Year? Fragmented Thoughts

Youth is outlivedEnvy only encumbersAntagonists rise aboveRallying against the numbers the earth follows the sunthe moon abides the tide The PathClosedBirthLife &DeathOfTheCurcuit The wake& The wokeFight over which precedes& which proceeds spinning stoneskimming the universerippling outward What is a year? Mercury 87.97 daysVenus 224.7 daysEarth 365 daysMars 1.88 yearsJupiter 11.86 yearsSaturn 29.46 yearsUranus 84.01 yearsNeptune 164.79 … Continue reading What is a Year? Fragmented Thoughts