Cats & Dogs & Bears, Oh My!

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

The Wizard of Oz

Like Cats & Dogs

The trope
good cop bad cop
gives hope

But first
the police dog

Must view
the police cats

What are Police Cats? 6 Interesting Facts

What Can Scare a Bear?

I see
from a distance
a tree

In there
hiding in fear
a bear

I split
to escape what
scared it

What can scare a bear up a tree? Answer Here

Surprise gives rise to Surprise

I cry
in great surprise
oh my!

And then
an oh when fine

And lo!
You surprise at
my oh

Oh My!

The Musette
This form was created by Emily Romano.
It is stanzaic: consisting of 9 lines in three tercets.
It is syllabic   2/4/2 /2/4/2 /2/4/2
It is rhymed   aba cdc efe
The title should reflect the poem’s content.