The Management of Daffodils & Dictionaries

Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.

Edgar Allan Poe


We must remember
A highfalutin, bullshit spewin’
Is just a mobile customer
Who is always right

(Yer, right)


For the sake and stake
To see and be ecstasy
We endure the velour
The Disco inferno
The Nightclub hubbub
The fee is usually twenty
And the thrill is a single pill
Etched is its power, a flower
You still, it’s a solitary daffodil

Legend says daffodils are associated with cheerfulness. When they are presented to someone as a bunch, it is meant to provide happiness. However, if they are only given as a single flower, it is meant to mean misfortune.


In addition
Is the kicker
And the clause
Made to give pause
And cause
A minus


I knew a guy who had a massive dic-
   tionary, shocking was his bold willi-
ngness to show it off. His thick cock-
ney accent made this practice a nob-
  le act. Shame he was such a prick.

15 Fascinating Dictionary Facts: HERE


To hear
‘It is of no consequence’
And believe
Makes you a fool


That is what’s meant by management
They meant to manage men
Life is time and time is money
Therein lies value and means
So, to age men is an answer
To what a man’s age means

Average yearly and life earnings by career (US): HERE


We have designed
A chain
Of agencies
To give agency
To others
As we
Take agency
Over them


A perversion
Is a different version
Of your own perversion

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