Find Health in Heart

A fragile heart, an agile heart

French Adage

The heart is a paradox
Breaking for love

Find in heart
A common thread
Needle worked
And bled to dread
Strung along
A similar vein
Love and loss
Both breed pain

Studies show that your brain registers the emotional pain of heartbreak in the same way as physical pain.

The Touchy Trap

I write
‘Do Not Touch’
On things
I want touched

A closed mind
A common disorder

In truth

Raise your glass
In a toast
to never

Theories on the origin of toasting day back to 700 BC Were people would offer libations to the Gods in a ritualistic practice, as well as make a point of drinking to each other’s health.

Owned in honesty
the ‘fine’
’til I saw who authored
the ‘line’
Now I’m careful to own
the ‘mine’

the flow

The water
will find
the bridge