New Years, it’s Time

You know how I always dread the whole year? Well this time I’m only going to dread one day at a time.

Charlie Brown

365 boulders of dread
opposed to a mountain to climb
Somehow being crushed is more comforting
When it happens over time

Although things got a little friskier back then, ancient Romans are credited with the kissing tradition because of their Saturnalia festival. It was a celebration honouring Saturn, the god of time, where all social norms went out the window.

In the light of midnight fireworks
a vision that stoked my tears
Cheerfulness and merriment
Shared amongst my peers
Leading me to think
There’s something abnormal
About new years

The pagan original
Christmas, the prequel

Crude Thought:
I wonder what customs we would have if it was a celebration honouring Uranus.

In Greece, people hang bundles of onions above their doors as a means of inviting that prosperity into the home. On New Year's Day, parents also wake up their children by bonking their kids on the head with the onions that were outside.

I can’t figure out
What the logic might be
All I can think about
Is the onion breath of Prosperity

Also wondering if in Greece in 2022 it’s still okay to beat children with a bundle of onions, provided it’s New Years.

The Irish believe that if you put a sprig of mistletoe (or holly or ivy) under your pillow on December 31, you’ll dream of your future partner.

I dreamt
of my future partner
A burly man
Who held me close
I rested my head
In his rugged chest hair
It tickled
Then itched
Then burned

(Next year make sure not to use poison ivy)

According to Atlas Obscura, eating one grape at each of midnight’s 12 clock chimes guarantees you a lucky year — but only if you simultaneously ruminate on their significance.

Common New Year’s Day Headline:
Local idiot chokes to death attempting new years grape challenge.

miku: a fraction of rumination

I ate three
guess it’s all bad luck
after March

Fun Word of the Day:
Something that is one’s duty or responsibility.
Eg: The onus on celebrating the new year is that it becomes more responsibility than joy over time.


15 thoughts on “New Years, it’s Time

  1. Hehe! From crushing by boulders to onion breath to choking on grapes – I think I’ll just chalk my doors (20+C+M+B+23) and hope to be left out of the craziness!

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  2. That was a crude thought in the midst of the other interesting poetic tidbits. Thank goodness poison ivy doesn’t grow in the winter where I live. 🙂 Have a happy, and safe (from poison ivy and grapes) new year.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ve always tried to have something that caters to every demographic in each post. Couldn’t go past that 🤣
      Very lucky. It’s the same here.
      Happy New years! I looked at the grapes in nye but didn’t touch them 😉


  3. 💜 We have Our Calendar ALL Wonky Wrong EveryOne; why on Earth 🌎 do We have a Leap Year, an Extra Day, when ALL We Need to do is Synch with Gaias Orbit…furthermore I AM Ambivalent about “onion bonking” and Tickling; quoting Abe Simpson, Homers Dad, “Tickling is a Form of Abuse” EveryBody


    Liked by 2 people

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