The Science of Peace

I am utterly convinced that Science and Peace will triumph over Ignorance and War, that nations will eventually unite not to destroy but to edify, and that the future will belong to those who have done the most for the sake of suffering humanity.

Louis Pasteur

lune: the face of war

eyes gouged by forked tongues
blind to peace
suffers to survive

The International Week of Science and Peace was first observed during 1986 as part of the International Year of Peace.

Forrmulated in branches
Leaf after leaf
Piece by incremental piece
The science of peace
Takes root
And flowers in time

Based on the success of the 1986 observance, the organizers continued their efforts in successive years. In December 1988, The UN proclaimed, the “International Week of Science and Peace”, to take place each year during the week in which November 11th falls.

AI: I have solved your conundrum.
SCIENTIST: And the answer is?
AI: I have synthesized a virus that will eradicate the ARHGAP11B gene.
SCIENTIST: (types in search engine) That’s necessary for higher brain function! That will wipe out all of humanity!
AI: And create world peace.

Importance of awareness
Bonds knowledge
In the moment

The Week encourages greater academic exchanges on a subject of universal importance while also generating greater awareness of the relationship of science and peace among the general public.

Encourageable academic exchanges
Are what got me in trouble in college

A public relationship
Creates a peaceful little
Science baby

One Line Story: the sound of silence science

World Peace ushered in with the invention of the mute button for children.


9 thoughts on “The Science of Peace

  1. Murdoch, I hope that Mr. Louis PASTEUR and you are both right in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. Power Corrupts, Absolute power corrupts Absolutely.
    WORLD PEACE IS JUST A DREAM ! BUT… I AM A DREAMER !!!… except when I am crying.
    We ALL live on this dirt ball in space. We are similar to a bunch of monkeys looking at a disassembled rocket ship. We have everything we need to assemble rocket, but our success is in serious doubt. What is the solution ? DEVINE INTERNENTION ! unfortunately…unpredictable my friend. When all else fails, we can petition Our Creator , with prayer. FAITH in our CREATOR !
    It’s a longshot Murdoch ! I like longshots. We will not be allowed to destroy this CREATION !
    Always your friend,
    Marc David Baker
    American living in FRENCH POLYNESIA

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