Unleash The Mouse

I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.

Walt Disney

(of)   (us)
little giants
understanding will never come________

[let  fly]
angel whispers
sincere messages of heaven_____

{far}  {off}
medicine streaks
suffering remains within reach________

(fact   free)
the unhealthy
yet common election diet______________

The mouse:

Three line poem.
The first line is also the title.
Written completely in lower case.
First line: 2 single syllable words, must be the same number of letters in each word.
Second line: 4 syllables, 2 words.
Third line: 8 syllables, 4 words.
No restrictions on rhyme or subject.

Weekly Theme:

My Poetry Forms


26 thoughts on “Unleash The Mouse

  1. Murdoch Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Mighty Mouse, Micky Mouse…
    Uncle Walt’s favorite ?…. MONEY MOUSE !! God bless his memory ! He made millions of kids happy! I hope that the people in charge of his cryogenic chamber under Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom are still monitoring Uncle Walt ? Probably…unless they went broke. Highly doubtful !
    your friend, Marc
    dumb joke # 13 Question: Why did Mickey Mouse divorce Minnie Mouse ?
    Answer: Because she was fucking Goofy !

    Don’t put that on the internet ! Whoops !! Too late !

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I often wonder if that rumour is true, I hope it is.
      They way disney is buying up assets, Walt will own the world by the time he is defrosted.
      Nice one 👍 I don’t know how I’ve never heard that one.


  2. It is an old one from when I was a kid. 60 + years ago. It was in all the newspapers.
    That was a big taboo regarding relationships out side of their own species. I am still a little curious how a dog and a mouse got together in the first place. I IMAGINE there must have been a lot of barking and squeaking involved. I can’t remember where I am when I wake up in the morning but I can remember a stupid joke from when I was 7 years old ? Life just keeps on getting stranger and stranger. Or maybe I am just getting Goofy.
    Your friend Murdoch ! You just keep being you Murdoch & I will keep being me.
    Not that either of us have any other option !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is an odd pairing. And not something I would want to witness in person.
      I always wondered how Goofy, a dog, felt about Mickey having Pluto, a dog, as a pet.
      Done deal. But like you said, what other option do we have.


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