Touch & Go

The time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself.

Douglas Coupland

A Need Too Great

Suddenly, in your life, drawn then led
sleepwalking over an open sea
With heartstrings fastened I hold firm
anchor my place and move with greed
to touch

I slow and savour, all time ahead
A jerk, arching waves crash, ties break free
My calls and pleas lost to the swell
We are not enough, and I need
too much

Codependency is a circular relationship in which one person needs the other person, who in turn, needs to be needed.

To Believe in Freedom

All begins with belief in the blessed
Most drift empty, ignorant of truth
A gentle shove degenerates
And answers erupt when you scream
with me

Fresh resentment of chains once caressed
Hot blood infused with the mind of youth
Inevitable loneliness
Steal away, leave, alive in the dream
I’m free

Brady’s Touch:
Maryann-Merryweather Travis created the Brady’s Touch style of poetry in November 2006 to honour Allen Brady.

Two quintets or 5-line stanza with a specific rhyme and syllable count
Each stanza follows the same pattern 9/9/8/8/2 syllables
The rhyme scheme is abcde abfde
There are no restrictions on theme.

Weekly Theme:
Poetry Forms

21 thoughts on “Touch & Go

  1. Murdoch, I agree with Douglas Coupland. Who the hell is Douglas Coupland ? When I feel lonely, I always sit down with myself and talk to myself. I have to talk to myself because most people do not understand what I am talking about. Murdoch, you seem to be an exception. NOW , I AM WORRIED ABOUT YOU MURDOCH !!
    always your friend Murdoch !
    Marc @

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    1. Gotta love that Dougie.
      I plan on sitting down alone with myself when the kids leave home in about 15 years πŸ˜‚
      No need to worry about me, my wife worries enough for all of us.


  2. Murdoch, take a little time for yourself even if it is 15 minutes at a time to quiet your mind. It works for me. I have one daughter and she is named after the island of Moorea down here in French Polynesia. We named her after that beautiful little island. My daughter is gay and married but she is the biological mother to my granddaughter.
    I live on a larger island named RAIATEA. My wife flies back and forth to California. This is the first time in a very long time that I have time to really reflect and think. It has been over 5 years and I have not returned to the USA.
    I will fly back for a 50 year High School Reunion. It is a chance to say good by to a lot of very nice old friends that I will never see again. Also to apologize to a few people for disappearing. Heading back by popular request.
    Even though I never considered myself popular. I feel like I am running out of steam. Time to tie up loose ends.
    I will keep the steam engine running long enough to see YOU and FINLANDIA ! You are on my “Bucket List !
    Let me know. I will show you a whole new world ! You would be welcome here in our house. It is very cool.

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  3. MURDOCH, This… ISLAND OF RAIATEA is considered ” THE SACRED ISLAND ” by all of Polynesia.
    The Hawaiians came from this island about 1400 years ago. The Mauri’s of New Zealand came from this island.
    Rapa Nui aka ” Easter Island” and the Marquesas islanders etc. came from this island. All proven by Religion, DNA and Language. The house belonged to a WWII Marine Veteran that went through IWO JIMA. He was also a anthropologist. He was a great friend for many years. When he passed away, my wife and I got a call from his family in the USA. He left us his home and property and his Library and his VW VAN. I will never have time to read all his books.
    I don’t need to read all his books. I think about him every day.
    Your friend, Marc

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  4. Thank you Murdock ! I do count myself unworthy.. but blessed . Even GOD likes a good joke. I feel like a joke…often !
    I will say a prayer for you and your family. NO JOKE !. Your friend, marc

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