A Final Direction

To some people, power is a noun. To others, it’s a verb.

Andre Carson

Three Nouns:
warrior table spaghetti

Can’t get your kids to the table?
Try new
‘Mom’s Spaghetti!’
From Rabbit’s.
It’s the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and rap battle meal of champions and warriors.

Three Nouns:
dream gondola burial

In a dream state
Fire in my eyes
The gondola glides
A Viking burial
In Venice

The word noun comes from the Latin word ‘nomen’ which means ‘name’.

Three Nouns:
family brooch glasses

The family heirloom brooch
Studded with jewels
Whose enviable ownership
Had split the family at the seams
Made of the finest glasses
Was colourful
But nothing more

Weekly Theme:
Take Three Nouns

I found a fun little writing exercise and thought I would give it a try.
Try for yourself: Here


13 thoughts on “A Final Direction

  1. My three nouns: pride, castle, shoes
    Her pride was dashed
    as she stumbled up
    cobblestone castle stairs
    in her spikey high heel shoes
    That was fun. Thanks for the link again. I had forgotten about this site.

    Liked by 1 person

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