Three Name Tags

All human beings deserve equal treatment, no matter their gender identity or sexuality.

Andreja Pejic

It’s just nice to have a job honestly.
For many people in my situation
It can be hard to find work.
I know the struggle.
Most customers don’t even realise
But sometimes…
Yes sometimes
People ask
The name tags
Yes yes
I have three name tags
Yes, yes, yes
Who is writing this?
You are.
OK good.
We have three name tags
One for each of us
Wilbur, Cheryl, Greg
In no specific order
Yes in no specific order!
Three personalities
Working one job
We joke with our boss
Can we get three paychecks?
We all laugh
but we know
We are never getting three paychecks.

People with dissociative identity disorder (DID) have two or more separate personalities. These identities control a person's behavior at different times.
(The above story takes some liberties regarding this fact)

Dissociative identity disorder has been found to occur in as many as 1% of the general population.

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34 thoughts on “Three Name Tags

  1. πŸ’œ Gender violence in the workplace is unacceptable EveryOne; especially insidious male psychological violence against female colleagues EveryBody


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  2. Hey Mr. Mouse, I am confused again. Who would want a name tag with 3 names on it ? Then everybody would be as confused as I am ! What if everybody wore 3 name tags ? Then none of us would know who we are !
    Have you been drinking that Viking Ale again ? your name tag= Mighty Mouse, Mickey Mouse & Murdock Mouse
    Now I am confused again. How do you like my new picture ? IMAGINE- JOHN LENNON-We are both fans at least as of ” YESTERDAY” with HIMESH PATEL ( inside joke between us ! Nobody else will catch it !
    always your friend,

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    1. It would definitely create more conversation. Something which is dying out these days.
      I don’t think many people do know who they are 🀣
      I would own that name tag. Two of my childhood icons right there!
      I love a good pic and flick, and not just yesterday, every day, 8 days a week even my friend


      1. See ! This is just another affirmation of why I want to meet you before the Big Dirt Nap ! I grew up near Disneyland in California. I was born in 54′ and Walt Disney opened Disneyland opened in 55′. We always called it Dizzyland when I was a kid. So we both grew up with Mickey Mouse and Mighty Mouse !
        “8 days a week !” BEATLES…..Name the Song Mighty Mouse ! If you can name that song, you will win my admiration and another story !
        Your Friend, Marc

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      2. That would have been a great time to be alive! And what a location!
        My kids are rather sheltered, I don’t think they know about Disneyland. I guess they’ve seen the castle in the movie introductions but as a tangible place, they are oblivious.
        Song? Where’s the clue? Dizzyland? Twist and shout? That’s a cover. Revolution 1?


  3. OK, tell “Little Charmer” that….. A horse is a horse of course , of course, and no one can talk to a horse of course,
    Unless the horse of course , of course….. is The Famous Mr. Ed ! , Go right to the source and ask the horse, he’ll give you an answer that he’ll endorse ! He’s always on a steady course ! The famous Mr. Ed !!!
    I am a White Horse, Chinese Astrological Sign. What is your Chinese Astrological sign Mighty Mouse Murdoch???
    What is your Chinese Astrological sign Little Charmer ? I was weened on the BOOB TUBE ! It was the only way to shut me up. I watch all the re-runs in my mind ! Now I watch CNN and try not to get depressed ! My brain is full of worthless information. But it’s the only brain I have.

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    1. I’m guessing they must of had Mr Ed in Scotland. And she is between our ages. Charmer couldn’t have missed it.
      Is that the full theme! I’d forgotten the end of it!
      In Chinese astrology I’m a rat of course and sometimes in real life.
      I think charmers a monkey, astrologically speaking.
      Funny. I was raised the same way. At least we never get bored.


  4. Mr. ED in Scotland ? You lost me with that one for a minute…. Now get it ! I have not been to SCOTLAND YET !
    I do have strong Scottish and English Roots on my mothers side of the family and English on my Fathers side also. I am Marc David. I com from a long line of Ancestors named DAVID.
    A DAVID DARROUGH left the Island of Jura, Scotland (VERY near the Isle of Wight) (lots of concerts there.)
    David Darrough left the island of JURA and then to Edenborough Scotland where he sailed to the Colonies and landed in South Carolina in 1767. I use the term ” COLONIES ” because the USA did not exist until 1776. I love the USA but historically, it was a real backstab to declare Independence from Great Brittan. I think the war could have been avoided. The general rational for the War of Independence was…. An island should not rule a continent !
    George Washington was ( as I recall from memory ) 17th in line to the throne of England. Many American Patriots wanted to make George Washington KING ! Good old George Washington refused. I give him credit there.

    Just my opinion !

    By the way, I think you are a very cool guy ! Just my opinion !

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    1. I loved my time in Scotland. I look forward to getting back there one day.
      That is an interesting fact about Washington! I didn’t know that!
      Could have definitely changed the world we live in today if he had thought differently.

      Love your stuff


      1. Hey Murdoch, Thank you for the compliment ! Coming from you that really means something !
        I wish I had your talent. I watched some news today about Finnish air space and Russia.
        I do have some really bad news for you though. Even though we have never met…..I consider you a FRIEND ! That’s the bad news ! Our paths will cross my friend. I doubt a lot about our world, but one thing I am sure of is that we will meet. Even if I have to chase you down in FINLAND !!
        You just keep being you Murdoch ! That is good enough for me.
        Always your friend.
        Marc David

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      2. Perhaps. I’m not big on compliments. Ridicule is more my Modus operandi.
        I wouldn’t call what I have talent but that you. I don’t consider that bad news but I don’t see myself island hopping in your region anytime soon, so, we will have to meet here.
        All are welcome here in Finland. Provided they are white, as close to Aryan as possible and leave promptly when their visa expires.
        I’m not well liked here 🀣
        Your friend


  5. To: Mr. Ed Murdoch, I think that is the whole Mr. Ed lead-in theme song. But you can’t go by me. I don’t remember what I had for breakfast but I can remember a theme song from 1965 or 1966 ? ( guessing the time frame.)
    Don’t make me think Murdoch ! I’m trying a new ZEN therapy to help me to stop thinking. It hurts.

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    1. That’s more than I got do I’m taking your word for it.
      Zen therapy to stop thinking! When you stop thinking that’s when there get you!



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    1. It took a while getting it through but much quicker than expected.
      I read that had the war not been raging it could take years to be accepted.
      The more allies the better. Shame there isn’t further forward motion, like actually moving into assist the Ukraine.


  7. Murdoch,
    Our world is assisting Ukraine in many ways. Troops on the ground would decimate the Russians. The Russian military already has a moral problem. The larger problem is Putin himself. The tide is turning a little more every day against him and in many ways. Putin has already had his military exercising “drills” at their nuclear missile silos. Putin is crazy enough to launch a few of them when the tide turns badly badly against him. I am praying for Devine Intervention, however, that is as unpredictable as Putin. Caution and patience is mandatory at this point. SO VERY COOL THAT FINLAND AND SWEDEN have joined the NATO coalition !
    Cooler heads will prevail…..I pray. I lost the phone number for “Devine Intervention”.
    We are going to be ok. Putin will be a PARIAH for the rest of his life. He has made his bed, and now he has to sleep in it.
    Always your friend Murdoch !

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    1. I know and understand the situation. Hard not to being so close to it. I would just like to see it resolved sooner rather than later since every day many more innocent people lose their homes, country and lives.


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