Three Two by Fours

Wordplay hides a key to reality that the dictionary tries in vain to lock inside every free word.

Julio Cortázar

A man and his meat

Six pack
Firm buns
Big sausage
Solo barbeque

Holy BRAtherhood

Raise cup
Praise designer
Observe overtly
Cheek slapped

Drink & Release

Heavens sing
fairytale bliss
Happy ending
Desperate piss

Two by Four
Two by Four poem. It was invented in 1999 by Lee Ann Brown. It consists of 4 lines with 2 words per line. They may or may not rhyme. The subject emphasis is on whimsical, creative, or experimental use of language/word play.

Weekly Theme:
Untried poetry forms

13 thoughts on “Three Two by Fours

    1. Thank you! Can’t believe I missed that during editing!
      I mixed up titles and poems 🤣🤣🤣
      I don’t think I’ve ever made such a ridiculous mistake before. Thank you again for pointing it out.

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