Lies, Loss & Love

You can make something out of every unfinished story and every rejection if you work at it.

Tomi Adeyemi

Dadku: my gardening playlist

Britney Garden Shears
Classic hit: I’m not a grape,
not yet a raisin.

(A dadku is my own creation. A dad joke in the traditional 575 haiku format)

Pessimistic Wisdom:

It’s always good to carry your wallet, you never know when you’ll be robbed

It is much easier
To rationalise
When dealing with
Rational lies

Your lost hair
Are everywhere
Reminding me of you

What grips the heart, strays
What touches the soul, stays

Acrostic: SWAK

Sealed with a kiss
Warm lips pressed
And sent with love
Knowingly addressed

What’s the most confusing thing in the world?
That you can’t see just how beautiful you are.

Weekly Theme:
Unfinished Work

I’ve rummaged through previously unfinished work with fresh eyes in an attempt to clear the clutter.


35 thoughts on “Lies, Loss & Love

  1. Dadku! I’m going to have to share this with Sparky! He thinks it is his mission in life to share dad jokes at every opportunity! He is going to possibly become a poet!!!

    Liked by 2 people

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