The Wined Up

Either give me more wine or leave me alone.


SenryΓΌ: cheers to the masses

Man gets one thing right:
know a good thing at first sight
then mass-produced it

6000 BC
People across the Middle East and Asia begin to mass-produce wine.

“It’s a winery tour, honey.”

“No, it’s a hole in the wall.”

“Well, technically, it’s a cave.”

The oldest known winery was found in a cave in Armenia and is over 4,000 years old

oozes from the words
But without them
Wine tastings
Even exist

The King of France hosts the world’s first wine-tasting event.

Straight from plants
Full of powerful antioxidants
Science proved
And doctor-approved
It’s true
So do what’s best for you
Health is wealth
And you can’t put a price on health

The most expensive bottle of wine ever sold.
The 1945 Domaine de la RomanΓ©e-Conti Grand Cru sells for a world-record-setting $558,000

Zappai: drink of this cup

More than a pastime
far beyond a simple drink
It’s a religion

Barrels of wine have been found in the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs, and the Ancient Greeks used wine in secret religious ceremonies.


National Drink Wine Day


30 thoughts on “The Wined Up

  1. My father made wine and my sisters and I were often pressed into duty – picking dandelions, cutting peaches, washing grapes or plums. Yet with all our help we were never offered a taste… I still don’t care for the taste or the feeling I get with consumption of alcohol… The opening senyru is very good!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. While that sounds like fun experience it does seem unjust. Surely you must have snuck a taste 😏 it’s expected of children.
      A distaste usual comes from a bad experience. If working in wineries caused it we should have all people do a stint in the profession.


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