Oh, Happy Days! Well, Hours

It’s 1913, one problem solved
Now, let’s all focus our powers
And see if we can figure out
What to do with the other 23 hours

“Happy Hour” Is born
The US Navy begins celebrating “Happy Hour,” an evening celebration filled with alcohol, dancing and onboard boxing.

Genius D&D pastimes aka sailor culling

I swung left
The boat swung right
Drunken boxing
on a swaying ship
Late into the night

Zappai: logic prohibition

A drink with a meal
Perfectly reasonable.
So, twelve meals a day?

The 1920s
“Happy Hour” meets the matinee
With alcohol outlawed, folks began drinking before dinner, when the effects of having a cocktail were less conspicuous.

Zappai: got the drys

dry public morals
launch prohibition which leads
to day time drinking

Baited with booze
the price of a hook
beyond the paycheck you loose
is told in a single look

1940 – 1950s
“Happy Hour” specials as bait.
With the economy booming after WWII, businesses capitalized on the population’s newfound wealth with drink discounts to attract customers.

The wealth of war
The memory of war

It’s more than a matter of greed
I don’t care what anyone thinks
And I won’t believe anything I read
Unless it involves cheap drinks

“Happy Hour” goes mainstream
An article posted in the “Saturday Evening Post,” titled “The Men Who Chase Missiles,” popularizes the term ‘happy hour.’

The men who chase missiles
Are usual the ones who set them going
But after a few cheap drinks
There's no real way of knowing

Lune: emotional time limit

liquid trickery
timed to last
happiness expires

Happy National Happy Hour Day! 🥂

Facts from nationaltoday.com

45 thoughts on “Oh, Happy Days! Well, Hours

  1. Informative and entertaining post, Mouse. Had no idea about the genesis of happy hour. With the original spirit of happy hour in mind, we need more fisticuffs while drinking.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Genius D&D pastimes aka sailor culling

    “I swung left
    The boat swung right
    Drunken boxing
    on a swaying ship
    Late into the night”


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Indeed! 👍😉 Drunken Ship Happy Hours. 😛 How many drinks can you have in an hour on a swaying ship without getting sick. It’ll be messy but entertaining! 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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