“Are You Aware Of Stress?”

It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.

Hans Selye

“Are you aware of stress?”
“I was trying not to be.”

Founded in 1998 by Carole Spiers, Chair of International Stress Management Association, National Stress Awareness Day aims to identify and reduce the stress factors of life.

I was a ball of stress
Until I found awareness
Now I am a stress ball
Helping others through it all

“Stress is our body’s way
of protecting itself from harm.”

So, if your heads on fire
Relax, remain calm
Stress will protect you
From any possible harm

To stress is to be alive

The most common symptoms of stress and the percentage of people who experienced them include:

  • Irritability and anger: 45 percent of people
  • Fatigue or low energy: 41 percent
  • Lack of motivation or interest in things: 38 percent
  • Anxiety, nervousness or worry: 36 percent
  • Headaches: 36 percent
  • Feeling sad or depressed: 34 percent
  • Indigestion, acid reflux or upset stomach: 26 percent
  • Muscle tension: 23 percent
  • Appetite changes: 21 percent

APA.org (American statistics)

Everything causes stress
And stress causes everything
Perhaps we should rename
The origin of the universe
'The Big Stress'

Micropoems of Stress Relief Techniques:

Hay(na)ku: cope or combat anxiety

against stressor
prevail, zen successor

Let go of the things you cannot change
Or at best try to rearrange

Abbreviated Haiku: exercising demons

demons can’t catch me
I run now

Zappai: balance gone on rye

tower three feet high
bread, meat, cheese, sauce, will not fall
a balanced diet

Senryü: routinely strangled

develop routine
to help lessen the tension
don’t make it too tight

Psychological Attribution to the Term
Hans Selye is frequently associated with having coined the psychological concept of the term ‘stress.’

Lune: breathe in (don’t forget to breathe out)

do some deep breathing
Just a few
Or you might pass out

Hay(na)ku: permanent stress relief

long walk
off short dock

Lune: wat-er you scared of?

tried a soothing bath.
I have found
water makes me anxious

Piku: finally received

a happy
   ending massage


37 thoughts on ““Are You Aware Of Stress?”

      1. She does.
        Poorly, concerning the writing. Barely managing anything these days. Hence, the reason I’ve cut back.
        Glad you have you back after such a long stretch 💚

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      2. Are you sure about the permit bit? You’re doing great with your writing Mouse!
        I wouldn’t be the best judge of the place you live in but if there’s an opportunity I would love to visit Finland and you and your family too!

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      3. I’ve had to cut back to keep up. I’m doing no extra writing, just enough for my posts.
        I’m not going anywhere. If you visit Finland ill here to welcome you.

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  1. Working in research I was always all about the stress – stress is any condition that alters the activity, environment, or equilibrium of an animal (humans included). Distress is when coping mechanisms are unable to address the stress and lessen it to manageable levels! Some stress is good. Distress is always bad! I like the Piku!!

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