Behind the Mask

Laurie: Lynda, if this is a joke, I’ll kill you!

Halloween movie quote

Zappai: tempting fatæl | end

horror movie trope
friendly light hearted banter
one line death warrant

two sentence horror story: mask the world

I turn on the television and my worst fear is confirmed. The Corona lockdown is extended.

longevity begins
with the right name of a sort
And when it comes to horror
It becomes a blood sport

Halloween (1978), filmed in just 21 days, was originally titled Babysitter Murders.

Babysitter Murders 9: Babysitters Clubbed!

two sentence horror story

My reflection knows what I’m going to do before I do it. How will I ever get back out of this mirror?

a killer treat

Served up
and summer ready
Can you really blame me

A toothpick neck
and balanced thereon
The dude
had a head like a melon

The stabbing sound in the Halloween film is made by a knife being plunged into a watermelon.

Shatner Audition for Mike Meyers Role

[Shatner] I must… kill… these girls.
This… machete… will do nicely.
[Casting Director] Stop, stop, stop, Bill. This isn’t a speaking role.
[Shatner] So, what do you want me to do?
[Casting Director] Oh, right. We’re gonna hit you with a bunch of stuff and see how long it takes you to get up.

Halloween (1978) had such a tight budget, they used the cheapest mask they could find for the character Michael Meyers, which turned out to be a William Shatner Star Trek mask.
Shatner initially didn’t know the mask was in his likeness. When he found out years later, he said he was honored.

Zappai:notoriety of a mask

Cost is not questioned
The value of a costume
Is the reaction

You ready to party?

Scare from the vault: Here

🎃 Happy Halloween to all! 🎃

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      1. Who?! Shatner?! Yeh, he’s definitely alive. Went up on one of Jeff Bezzos trip to space couple of weeks back.

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