Tripartition Part 1

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.

John Muir

…to wander mindlessly
to search soullessly…
in order to find purpose

31% of the earth’s surface is covered by forests.


Abbreviated Haiku: enemy body

fragile lungs
shady shield defence
protects foes


They made a pact, to be honoured in the case of a sudden disappearance.
The three had sworn over the Final Fire, justice would be briskly enacted by any member which remained.
That was the summer of ’33, the black days had passed and the long-awaited change of season thought of as salvation had arrived. Salvation destined to rot like the array of coloured leaves which littered the disused forest paths.
Spirits were high as a semblance of happier times shielded the valley from the fearful truth.
The three were missing, and the forest grew dark… TBC

Hay(na)ku: questions in the woods

An answer
Taken as granted

Only 1.8 billion of the Earth’s 10 billion acres of forest are protected

I cover you in safety
Live to keep you well
For this, you return to me
A state of exquisite hell

22 thoughts on “Tripartition Part 1

    1. Thanks. I agree. Even during the last few years of corona when you would expect a decrease in consumption we have seen a steady increase 😔💚


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