Than-bauk: Time ~ Line

Times of order
We'd incur change
mind's were lost first

To toe the line
can be fine but
don't pine for fish

The than-bauk is a Burmese form. The poem is conventionally written as an epigram, so it’s usually a clever or witty little poem.

Three lines
Four syllables per line
The final syllable of the first line rhymes with the third syllable of the second line and second syllable of the third line.

Weekly Theme:
Untried Poetry Forms

26 thoughts on “Than-bauk: Time ~ Line

      1. Thanks….Glad you think it makes sense. Billy says it’s rubbish.

        You said you don’t know what’s going on in the pic. Billy says it’s obvious. She’s trying to metamorphosize into a he-wolf. Why didn’t we see that M? Smart boy is our Billy…..

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