Viator: The Tears Will Come

The tears will come
with unbridled melody
teetering on the cusp
of heartfelt ceremony

Hold fragility dear
the tears will come
in abandon of fear
let then hope succumb

Bound until numb
we remember or forget
the tears will come
paths forged from regret

Spent in a daze
beyond the total sum
forever and always
the tears will come

The viator is a poetic form invented by Robin Skelton.

The first line is a refrain.
The refrain appears as the second line of the second stanza, third line of the third stanza, and so on for however many stanzas the poem has, with the final line of the final stanza being the refrain.
That’s it.

Weekly Theme:
Untried Poetry Forms

23 thoughts on “Viator: The Tears Will Come

  1. Love this refrain! It reminds me of the Quatern (except the Quatern requires 8 syllables per line and that every other line rhymes). The repeated refrain really drives home the point!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Yes the refrain makes or breaks it.
      Not sure if I would consider the quatern a more difficult form but I can also see the similarities.


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