Airborne Meals

Airline food is not just a matter of flavour
From the beginning it was always doomed
If a third of the taste buds are on holiday
It makes no difference what meal is consumed

Flying Facts: You lose out on a third of your taste buds during flights

zappai: no duty on my goods

the term duty free
means absolutely nothing
just say tax free shop

Airborne Meals

I consider myself able
To consume an ordinary meal
But from a bouncing tray table
The result is less than ideal

I told
the flight attendant
Thank you
For the happy meal
He responded
You had the chicken
To which
I replied
I know
It was so excited
It had never flown before

Trust and caution
In each portion
If one should fall
The other stands tall

Flying Facts: Pilots and co-pilots are required to eat different meals (not mandatory on all airlines)

Weekly Theme:
National Aviation Week

26 thoughts on “Airborne Meals

  1. Had to laugh about the Happy Meal! I think that the airline food issue is mostly with US flights – the Thai and Japanese meals are much tastier… maybe they use MSG to perk up the sleeping taste buds?

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      1. That must be on overseas flights or first class, the last time I had a flight I got a choice of pretzels or nuts with a soft drink chaser. 🀨
        I remember back in the day when people actually dressed nicely for a flight and you did indeed get a pretty good meal depending on the duration of your flight.

        Liked by 1 person

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