Up, Down & Round

Mouse’s Motivational Musings:

You don’t have to get it up for long if you do it in a way it’s never been done before.

Flying Facts: Wilbur and Orville Wright’s first venture into the skies in 1903 traveled only about 125 feet.

(I’ve been in longer lines going through customs)

Round windows
Air and sea
Are a standard thing to see
But here on land
Squared the norm
How weird would circles be?

Fun Flying Fact: The rounded shape combined with the lack of right angles allows for the windows to better distribute the pressure visited upon it, thus helping to prevent cracks from taking place.

Senryü:Baggage claim

we have the same bag
but your contents are better
I’m keeping your bag

Orville Wright’s Birthday
August 19, 1871 ~ January 30, 1948

“We create this holiday
On Orville Wright’s birthday!”

“Do we need to confer
And consider poor Wilbur?”

Weekly Theme:
National Aviation Week

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