Drunkenness & War

I can’t find my car

no wait, I don’t own a car

where are my car keys

I see the vodka
and the vodka sees through me
we are not equals

Write a Zappai using the theme of drunkenness.
Zappai (雑俳) is a form of Japanese poetry rooted in haikai. It is related to, but separate from, haiku and senryū. Lee Gurga defines zappai as a form of poetry that “includes all types of seventeen syllable poems that do not have the proper formal or technical characteristics of haiku.”

This Means War

If I had stayed the course
I would never need realise
My path would lead to this
And that my reaction means
I can no longer escape war

Those who revel in war
Hardly see its full course
Such a commitment means
One must forget common sense and realise
No sense can be made of this

What savage pastime of man is this
That ravages the land as war
Which buries more than we realise
And destroys all in its due course
Yet continues on by any means

But I have the means
And know I can do this
He is only a bunny of course
And we ducks know war
A fact my enemy doesn’t realise

I quack my battle cry, “Of course you realise,
This means war!”

Write a Pentina having a theme of war.
The pentina is an accentual-syllabic poetic form, characterized by the use of five verses of five lines each, with a two-line envoi, for a total of 27 lines.
The pentina does not utilize rhyme, but relies on the use of repeated end-words. The set pattern works as follows:

Verse 1: a b c d e
Verse 2: e a d b c
Verse 3: c e b a d
Verse 4: d c a e b
Verse 5: b d e c a
a  b  c   
      d  e
    a  b
c  d  e
(I think it should have the same syllable count and meter as a sestina, but since I’m writing one of those already, I forwent some rules to mix it up)

Weekly Theme:
Murisopsis Scavenger Hunt: Here

26 thoughts on “Drunkenness & War

      1. I think this was a one time thing. It was not well received. I had my lowest numbers in 3 months. People really don’t like clowns.


      2. Billy likes clowns. So your effort was not all wasted. Perhaps International Week of Sex would attract more interest?…..I could organize Billy’s holiday then.

        Reminds me of a quote I’ve got lined up. Waste of time talking to kids about sex – they know more than you……

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Not sure when that is but im sure it would be a hit.
        I dont know if I could manage a week of sex. Perhaps you could attempt it.
        Kids are inventing more stuff every day, hard to keep up with the lingo.


      4. Sex is 24/7 M (bit exhausting I will give you) so you could make up a week of sex anytime and I’m sure your traffic will skyrocket. If yours is a family-friendly site you’re gonna have to pick your topics carefully. None of this Jill forgot to take her pill stuff.

        Me a week of sex? I’m past it . Good try…….

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      5. I’m exhausted enough without all that sex.
        If it’s child friendly I’ll usually have it in the title. I think if I was ever to do a week of sex there would probably be warnings.
        Though that would probably just increase the readership further.

        I just thought with your spare time you would be up for it.


      6. You won’t believe this M a clown has just approached Stan for an album cover. I kid you not. Wait for it – calls himself Mister Poopsy….jeez M what happened to good old Bobo the Clown? Are there any rules in the Clown Bible as to which names are acceptable and which are not? (they say I tend to put people in awkward situations. Sorry ’bout that). You having researched and told us what you have found in the Clown Bible would be the best person to ask….

        Don’t tell me you’ve returned the CB to the library…….

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Tell me you are uploading the album cover soon.
        In my research I didn’t find any rules on acceptable names. But I assume if you want to book children’s parties it should be appropriate/child friendly. I think the most common names were bubbles and sparkle.
        If there was a clown Bible it would have made my week easier and my browser history less creepy 🤣


      8. Yes, Mister Poopsy has been waiting patiently at the Studio door. Stan’s been snowed under lately. Between covers he’s gotta fit in his toilet/electrical/building work plus night school attendance. Now he’s gotta train Perc as well. How does he ever manage M? You would know the effects of sleep deprivation well…..

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      9. I saw the album cover. Not a gentleman I want waiting at my door.
        Seems Stan needs a more reliable apprentice.
        I slept recently. Great experience.


      10. Careful Stan doesn’t hear you saying bad things about his apprentice…..apps are hard to come by these days…you takes what you can gets…

        I hope the sleep experience continues…..

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