Noodles & Sales

Starting Point:

Senryü: untwisting the strand

in the old noodle
a puzzle unwinds its way
into spaghetti

Mouse’s (philosophical cooking) Pro Tips
Strain the noodles
Before the flame
Or receive a soggy result
With only yourself to blame

I blame the pen
I blame the paper
In the end
I'm no better a writer

Hey you’re that writer, right?
I’ve been known to compose a shopping list or two.

monostich:living sentence

The line squirms and forms a heartbeat

Morph a form
into a form
from a formed form
For more
Feel free to see
In store
What the hell am I selling|saying?

Saying is selling

not sold
for a sale

a tale

must be impressively told

Weekly Theme:
Train of Thought

I asked friends and family for a starting point and followed the train.

22 thoughts on “Noodles & Sales

    1. Thank you. Nice of you to say. I wasn’t sure when to stop. It was mostly decided by scrolling back to the top and thinking that’s long enough 😂


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