Unforgiving Terrain

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey

Babs Hoffman

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Zebra Crossing = Pedestrian Frogger

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Traffic pools
A heated draught

I carry a chain and lock
Sturdier than any rock
If you obstruct
My right of way
I will make you pay

sleeting needles of rain

wind frenzied lanes




to derail



Racing home
Tricky terrain
I catch a low branch in the eye
Tears well
Vision blurs
I guess this is how I die

Weekly Theme:
Work Commute

Thoughts and observations from my daily bike ride to work.

18 thoughts on “Unforgiving Terrain

  1. The dangers are many! Sparky took a bad spill after being bitten by a horse fly! As there are many oak trees in our neighborhood I can attest to the dangers of acorns in the roadway! At least with a helmet it won’t hurt to be bonked on the head….

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  2. Oh these had me laughing, people frogger, oh nuts beware, Peloton bike no harm no fall safety. Always cleverly, Twisty. Ooopppps I need training wheels. 🤣💙

    Liked by 1 person

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