Epitaphs: Two Minute Tombstones

Taken too soon, aged 95
They took her while napping
Didn’t realise she was alive

She broke her back
The clumsy lass
Now she spends eternity
Smelling her own ass

If the grave’s a’ rockin
Please come a’ knockin

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Two Minute Tombstones

Drown in the tub
Giving his ducky a rub

He was a motorcycle rider
Ended up
Looking like a pulled pork slider

Epitaph: A note meant to appear on a tombstone. From the Greek, epitaph means “upon a tomb.” Since it has to fit on a tombstone, this note is usually brief and often rhymes. Some epitaphs are funny; most are serious. Most try to get the reader thinking about the subject of the tombstone.

Fun Fact:

Many gravestones face East.
An east-west orientation for gravestones is the most common throughout the world. Early American settlers wanted their feet pointing east and their heads toward the west, so they were ready to rise up and face the sun of a new day when they hoped to be reborn

Weekly Theme:
Random Poetry Forms

38 thoughts on “Epitaphs: Two Minute Tombstones

    1. That’s right. You are collecting dead vice presidents and presidents. Last I remember you almost have the set. What will you be moving on to when your work is done?

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