Fortunate Events

Fortune favors the foolhardy
With accidents
In abundant supply
Step toward the shimmering prize
One in six
Will die

“Mum said you’re an accident, and you should have never been born.”

“Mum isn’t exactly known for her wisdom. Afterall, she had you by choice and, after seeing how you turned out, she kept you.”

What a game, to trick the senses
To lapse in judgement, the fabric rent
Have denial batter about defences
And find frivolity in folly as an event

Take care, or do not

For inevitably some
unfortunate or unforeseen
accident will occur

Take care, or do not

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21 thoughts on “Fortunate Events

      1. There’s nothing worse than thinking up a good rhyme in the shower then when you get out you think shit that was a classic and I can’t quite remember…..soap on the tiles doesn’t work

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I have that problem at work, usually when I’m elbow deep in blood, oil, or sauce.
        Dictating to co-workers doesn’t work either, I’ve tried.


      3. Dictating to the dog might work….work out a code between you……When I’m pulling weeds my flashes of brilliance are picked up by the weeds and relayed back to me from the compost heap (from where they lay)…… I’m very grateful despite being at a loss to understand the science behind this…….

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      4. I need a dog cos my cat ain’t doin sweet fuck all 🤣
        Photosynthesis maybe? I don’t know what it means, or even how to say it, but my high school science teacher said it was important and helpful.

        Liked by 1 person

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