Under the Influence

My wife doesn't know
I sneak out for Brandy

She lives two blocks over
Which I find rather handy

A lead from the fluent
More often than not
Is guise of the most truant
Under the influence of rot

Evil Nod

The search copter swirled
a red and yellow car in its sights
They backed their prey into a corner
and centred the blinding lights

A dozen dead from hit and runs
committing crime after crime
The notorious madman Noddy
was not getting away this time

Weekly Theme:

Lost Phone

I lost my phone, which held weeks of posts and other material.
I have little time to catch up with my schedule so this week will be filled with a disorderly assortment of whatever comes to mind.

20 thoughts on “Under the Influence

    1. I would go that far.
      The first I wrote watching my kids at the park. My son for an empty brandy premix can and it popped into my head.
      Can’t remember where the second came from.
      The third I wrote putting the kid’s to bed after reading a story about big ears bicycle for the fifth time in two days.

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    1. “Get out of the way big ears, you’re going to hit my car.” Not the other way around 🤣
      Every noddy book when some bad happens the answer is, ‘it was the goblins.’ no proof, no trial. It’s a fact in their minds. Probably should stop reading them to the kids 🤣💚

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