Picky & Particular

Koala bear, koala bear
Lounging in a tree
Happy and lazy
As a koala should be

Soaking up the sun
Leaves in his belly
Then comes laughing
laughing in his tree

He raises his head and shouts
Knowing who it would be
bugger off mister kookaburra
This gum tree belongs to me

Don’t pick your nose
Don’t pick your nose
don’t pick
don’t pick
Don’t pick your nose
Cos everyone knows
It’s gross
It’s gross
To pick your nose
To pick your nose
So please don’t
Please don’t,
pick your nose

Weekly Theme:
Original Twisting Tail Format

Monday: Flash Fiction
Tuesday: Tanka
Wednesday: Free Verse Poetry
Thursday: Rhymed poetry
Friday: Limerick
Saturday: haiku/senryü
Sunday: Children’s Rhyme

12 thoughts on “Picky & Particular

    1. That’s good to hear. I haven’t written much for the children since I filled a book. I felt a bit rusty.
      My son is picking his nose in almost every photo I took of him yesterday 🤣


  1. Actually, as most Aussies know, koalas do a far more gross thing than pick their nose. More specifically, it is something that all baby koalas must do in order to be able to digest their food and thus it is essential for their survival.

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