Release the Waters

Water the Soul

A lofty allowance
to lose control
And let free the tears
that water the soul

When the welling pool
is once again whole
We can purge the loss
and forgive what they stole

With a bladder the size of a pea
long walks are not for me
Unless you can promise toilets nearby
and an ostomy bag guarantee

the loose sink

loose lips
sink shipsย 

loose whips
sink rips

loose dips
sink tips

loose hips
sink lips

Weekly Theme:
Original Twisting Tail Format

Monday: Flash Fiction
Tuesday: Tanka
Wednesday: Free Verse Poetry
Thursday: Rhymed poetry
Friday: Limerick
Saturday: haiku/senryรผ
Sunday: Children’s Rhyme

19 thoughts on “Release the Waters

    1. I had this problem during corona lay off, the availability of a toilet shrank my bladder. Now that I’m back at work the issue has been resolved.


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