Home Away From Home

A flower picked
death warrant signed
A piece of fruit
poorly designed

When does a walk
Become a hike?
With the sweat on your brow?
the blisters on your feet?
Or the pretentious manner
of an enthusiast?

6 random words

Motorboats shred the lake to ribbons

Perfect summer bliss
Life without need of reason
A home away from home
only for one select season

Weekly Theme:
Summer Cottage / Summer Home

All photos this week taken by the mouse

32 thoughts on “Home Away From Home

  1. I am a lovely relaxed lake
    My surface smooth, unrippled
    Then come these hoons in motorboats
    And turn it all a’whipple

    I hope you weren’t one of these water hoons?

    You don’t know about whipples? ….

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      1. A wise move. Especially late at night…..

        Sheesh M, look at this. You could have your own monster lurking outside the cabin there. Things may all look nice and innocent….

        PS Don’t show this to the kids. The’ll have nightmares….

        Liked by 1 person

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