With Rosy Cheeks, I stuffed the Turkey (and the turkey stuffed me)

Happy Turkey Lovers Month to all!
Although, it’s a celebration of sycophants
They ridiculed my misunderstanding
I wasn’t the only one with a bird in his pants

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Roses are red
Who cares what violets do
It’s all about the roses
You all know it’s true

Turkey Rose

I once had a wild turkey
I named the bird, Rose
The poultry tried to drown me
Or so the story goes

It was during a shipwreck
She found a floating door
There was space for me
Of that much I was sure

She wouldn’t budge an inch
Or let me climb aboard
I told her that I loved her
That, she just ignored

I could go on no longer
I sunk into the sea
I looked up at her face
She smiled down at me

I curse that feathery bitch
From my watery grave
I have wet dreams of thanksgiving
And her own bone picked grave

Weekly Theme :
Monthly Observations of June

Rose Month
Turkey Lovers Month

22 thoughts on “With Rosy Cheeks, I stuffed the Turkey (and the turkey stuffed me)

      1. Well after all this time I don’t think you can underestimate your skills, I wouldn’t say anything about fortitude bit you will know better!


  1. We of the Violets Standards Board
    (‘Who cares what violets do’?)
    Object to what you say of us
    Ashamed we are of you

    Hang your head in shame……

    And we are great mates with roses…..


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