Sweets for Adults & Kids

Candy is childhood, the best and bright moments you wish could have lasted forever.

Dylan Lauren

Candy, candy, fine and dandy
Always best to keep it handy
A portal to our younger days
Now exchanged for a drunken haze.

Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.

Ogden Nash

Sugar and dairy, never a finer pair
Unless you can manage
To sneak some alcohol in there

Carefully ordered, spun as silk
the gift of giving a mother's milk
When stocks are ground, and scales weighed
starving farmers must starve the ilk

Dairy Month!
The celebration of
All things creamy and cultured
A minefield in an endless warzone
for the
Lactose intolerant

Weekly Theme:
Monthly Observations of June

Candy Month
Dairy Month

41 thoughts on “Sweets for Adults & Kids

      1. I am. I lost 2 weeks of posts, pages of ideas and unfinished poems and stories.
        not to happy with myself for not backing everything up 😦

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  1. Very sweet and very creamy creations! Perfect for the month long celebration! I’m glad I stocked up on candy – now I won’t feel guilty taking a bunch to the Sunday ice cream social!!

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  2. Loved this whole subject and this verse: “Sugar and dairy, never a finer pair
    Unless you can manage
    To sneak some alcohol in there” reminds me of “Guaritos”
    Guaro is Costa Rica’s locally made rum. from sugar cane, and Guaritos are an inventive combination a drop of Guaro mixed with our national chocolate…Children and adults used to gobble them down:) Now they are being revived with a new name, “Copatines” and there is a label that says you should be 18 to eat them:)

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    1. thanks. my favorite chocolates usually have some level of alcohol in them.
      they sound amazing!!!
      i have to try them!
      ive never heard of them, i assume they are only in your area?

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      1. Ugh πŸ˜” Not backing up is a hard lesson to learn – and one you only need once.

        For me it was my dissertation at Uni. Lost 5 chapters about a week before the submission date. Even the most insignificant of data has been backed up in triplicate ever since πŸ˜”πŸ‘πŸ–€

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      2. I don’t think I used computers at school for anything important, it was still in the handwritten days 🀣
        I do all my writing on my phone so I’m looking for a notepad program that backs up to a cloud.
        I was close to quiting, I’d it happened again I would. πŸ’š

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  3. Oh I love it! Another creative post, I really enjoy your links to monthly observations. I can actually say that I need to buy some candy now, its my favourite sweet treat to eat, you have given me the urge which I can’t resist.

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