Aquarium Fishing

Serenity rests on a mirror
The angler cracks his back
catches a glimpse in the shimmer
Ready the attack on dinner

“Some go to church and think about fishing, others go fishing and think about God.”

– Tony Blake

I saw God in the eye of a catfish
Distant, unblinking, blank
And finally I understood
The term catfish

Going Out of Business Sale!
The local Aquarium is opening its doors
And tanks
To all avid fishing enthusiasts
Ever wanted to hook a shark
Fight a swordfish
Learn how to make turtle soup
Come on down
Fun for the whole family, or school

(Bring your own bait)
(Be your own bait)

Roll a die
Glass on six sides
Life is a lie

Weekly Theme:
Monthly Observations of June

Fishing Week (First week of May) (honourable mention for funny coincidence)
Aquarium Month

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