Deceptive Appearances

It was elation
A fixation
I knew the problem,
And began formation
I considered what would be best
And took an educated guess
Unfortunately, to my consternation
I only have a third grade education

“I recently started riding again, myself. I was just looking at your form.”
“You mean you were checking out my ass.”
“I’m offended you would say such a thing,” she says, raising an eyebrow and smirking.
“Why can’t it be both?”

He’s festive, like a piñata
Cheerful, colourful, inanimate
Full of shit that is bad for you
And all you can think to do
Is string him up
And take him down
With a baseball bat

Weekly Theme:
Unfinished Work

I’ve rummaged through previously unfinished work with fresh eyes in an attempt to clear the clutter.

15 thoughts on “Deceptive Appearances

  1. That’s a good technique. I often get frustrated and set things aside – but never for too long! I’m anti clutter! The piñata poem is a bit brutal but I am amused too – I’ve met some people who deserve the designation “piñata”!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t like the clutter either. But I’m stuck with it now. It would take me years to get through all the prompts and ideas I have written down, and in that time I would have new ideas to fill the space I was clearing.
      I softened the piñata poem 🤣 I think we all know a piñata.


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