Thất Ngôn Trường Thiên: The Space Within

The free space within ourselves is great
A constant source of wonder and mystery
Before we choose to question or contemplate
      We ask what we want to be
We spread with inspiration from our conception
Yet we remain as an atomic outline 
Existing in the borders of our perception
      One in which we struggle to define
Mass on mass hovering a touch away
A single universe is formed without intervening
But combined, this union is the way
     This is where we find true meaning

Thất Ngôn Trường Thiên (Seven-Word, Long Saga Form):
This poetry form is also considered to be free-form. It consists of twelve lines or more, each line has seven words. The rhyming of lines are flexible. Knowing and using the appropriate tonal groups will make the verse sounds more melodious.
(I have little to no idea)

Weekly Theme:
Vietnamese Poetry Forms

(Vietnamese poetry is mostly tonal, something that cannot be replicated in English. I apologise for this shortcoming.)

18 thoughts on “Thất Ngôn Trường Thiên: The Space Within

  1. I struggled to understand this mouse, but I think I got there. I like the idea of being an atomic outline inside borders of my own perception. That was just brill!

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    1. It was mostly about the empty space in atoms and our perception of reality, without getting into energy, wave function, quantum fields, etc.
      Thought I would mix it up from my usual low brow nonsense 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Frank.
      This entire blog was started to twist perception, something I try to remember every week.
      I expect there would be some interesting results from such a prompt.
      Thanks again.


  2. Hmm. The form has me as confused as I have no point of reference for the tonal poetry of Vietnam… I wrote an Eintou (an African-American originated form) and was accused of cultural appropriation. I hope the troll doesn’t find you. I do however think this one is worthy of a wider audience!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ive been accused of the same.
      I don’t suffer trolls. I am polite. If they become too difficult I can alter their comments or deleting and block them all together. Not that I have ever had to resort to that.
      Normally I am proud to present my new found forms and bring them to a wider audience. This week however I felt I wasn’t up to the task and made sure I posted that with each poem.


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