Far from Common

Common Cat Names

Millie and Molly
Kitty and Cat
Ginger and Jasper
Oscar and Doormat
Tiger and Tigger
Misty and Max
Smokey and Smudge
Socks and Snorlax
Missy and Mosey
Charlie and Chop
Poppy and Puss
Daisy and the Lord of Darkness, Snugglepop

(the top 10 most popular cat names across US, UK and AUS + a couple of my own)

Senryu:to a pet

You are my best friend
never question my judgement
Accept me always

“Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.”

George Eliot

My eyes
Deceive me
Leave me
But you stay
Near me
You hear me
And out

1928: Buddy, a German shepherd, becomes the first Seeing Eye dog.

You chose me
As I chose you
You love me
When I can’t see reason
To love myself

A special shout out to Hobbo, whose admirable passion regarding pet friendship/ownership is the driving force of his blog.

circa 1500 AD: The word pet, which is probably related to petty (small), is introduced into English as a reference to ‘an animal kept as a favorite.’

Weekly Theme:
National Pet Month

23 thoughts on “Far from Common

  1. The cat name poem really took me back in time… We used to take bets when a white kitten would come into the clinic on whether it was named snowball or not! I saw so many “Mittens” and “Midnight” and “Tiger” it wasn’t funny. I also swore never to give a pet a person’s name – especially after a family member used another’s favorite name for her dog thus scratching it from the list for the soon to arrive nephew!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I was surprised not to see snowball on any of the lists. I guess white cats and the Simpson are out of fashion.
      We had something like that. A family member using old family names for her cats. Not cool.


    1. I don’t make the list. You have to blame the uncreative general public.
      Just when I thought I’d seen every cat video, you show me another 🤣 great jedobmind trick.


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