Rapture a Mind & Haiku 3

Haiku 3

vital is the mind
a plateau acquired taste
Latent the mind’s eye

Rapture a Mind

Rapture a mind
once lost in short
A journey to find
a kind comfort
The life worth loss
in comfort contests

Rapture a mind
once found in length
Unneedy of grind
an apparition dear meant
The ripe lifting sky
held in place by mountain delight

Rapture a mind
in a time, in a sparkle
eyes are gold mines

Rapture a mind
Where trees may move
Deeming a pattern while
on the grounds to improve

Rapture a mind
vixens gallop as horses
Snatching up such rabbits
of methods intricate

To plot a mind’s course
to adapt, to discover
Nothing less than a love
Can rapture a mind
So long confined

Weekly Theme:
Memory Lane

All poems featured this week were written when I was in my early to mid-teens.
I’ve corrected spelling and obvious grammatical errors, otherwise they remain untouched.

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