Soulify & An Erratic Era


To clove a beast
as one so dared
Can frock at least
the soul he’s bared

An Erratic Era

The mind sleeps daily
From candle to wick, comes wax
A softening tissue, seeping vaguely

Blasphemers taunt a wayward flame
Far from consequence burns an aging wisdom
For none other than the burdened hands
Of man signing the victim to his name

Ink the paths suppressed to rote
Drawn to wake a demise unseen
In the labyrinth, deep greys regret they note

The potence in elegance
To dance, to light the darkness
Ravenously breeding to resemble
What is not measured by a glance

Sight may feed the mind
A sweet last meal, abundance of dignity
Forbid to the chaos of sanctity, to frolic briefly

An erratic era mines the oil
To cycle, cycle, master the means
Release what mind fulfills a mortal
Pricing your pride in hope of soil

Weekly Theme:
Memory Lane

All poems featured this week were written when I was in my early to mid-teens.
I’ve corrected spelling and obvious grammatical errors, otherwise they remain untouched.

17 thoughts on “Soulify & An Erratic Era

  1. Ah, the deep mind of a young mouse. Though teens would be old for a mouse… but I digress. Interesting view from your younger self. (And Soulify’s four lines could have been the start of a ha’sonnet. 😁)

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    1. The dedication is to change, and symbols of christianity and anarchy.
      It was around the time I was kicked out of home and stopped writing.


      1. 20 years ago, there was a guy that had a YouTube who make predictions about today and I thought he was Loco. I remember hitting the stop button and exiting the video and never watching another video of his. And now I’m shaking head head. 😔

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      2. Exactly. The moment anyone says anything outlandish it is considered unbelievable and disregarded. I wonder if that’s why nostradamus wrote in riddles 🤔

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  2. I thought it said soulfly and I got so excited.

    Yes, these are really good and I’m pretty sure if I knew you then I’d have doodled your name on my notebook at least 3x 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Coincidentally, this is around the time I started listening to Soulfly 🤔

      You are sweet but I doubt it. This side of me was never known to my friends. I was the class clown 😉

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