A Kiss Through Crossfire & Haiku 1

Haiku 1

the burning red flames
sun set on the battlefield
hell on earth deserved

A Kiss Through Crossfire

Compatible to common intrigues neither
invision anthologies scraped to wither
Set no boundaries, then state for better
escaping dreams to dream whenever

For all due to transpire
a kiss
through crossfire
is due in the never

Begotten from mouth, two eye
an infestation to combine death and I
And salvage a content far compiled
in complaint, freed restraint, an inspired reconcile

Forever, and all to inspire
a kiss
through crossfire
will be battled forever

Weekly Theme:
Memory Lane

All poems featured this week were written when I was in my early to mid-teens.
I’ve corrected spelling and obvious grammatical errors, otherwise they remain untouched.

19 thoughts on “A Kiss Through Crossfire & Haiku 1

    1. I never thought of that. I’ve always hated war.
      This is along the lines of love is war, like you said. I guess its the love hate passion angle. I wrote these so long ago that some of the interpretation is lost to time.


    1. Thanks charmer. I had some skills. I regret not continuing beyond 18. I can only image the body of work I would have now. Stopped at 17, for 17 years then started again out of nowhere 😂💚

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