The Basket Ball & Long Last

The Basket Ball

I may of had an Irish whiskey
Maybe two or three
That’s not too bad
The car drank more than me
He’s sleeping it off
At the bottom of the sea

Trapped in the watery casket
in this auto-motive travesty
My briefcase and basket
or my wicker headdress to be
And now, what is worst of all
I’ll be late you see
to the annual Basket (case) Ball

7. Write a poem incorporating your favorite beverage, an automotive malfunction, and basketball

Long Last

Long is the day overdue
Overdue long before night
Night, the sleepy gloom growing
Growing dark at long last

Last streaks of day abscond
Abscond to slip away softly
Softly the world ever turns
Turns that never last long

14. Bonus: Write a loop poem OR write an acrostic poem OR be daring and combine the two!

Weekly Theme:

Murisopsis Scavenger Hunt

27 thoughts on “The Basket Ball & Long Last

  1. Whoa! Your loop poem is wondrous good! And the basket ball poem made me gasp – I had no idea it was headed toward tragedy! You get all the points and I think you are the first to complete the scavenger hunt!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😊
      I’ve never written an acrostic loop before. I always enjoy a new challenge.
      I wasn’t sure what you would say about the first after finding out you were an actual basketball fan, like maybe I had cheated 😂
      Thank you for the Scavenger hunt. I had so much fun with the prompts. 14 worked out to be a perfect number to fill a week.


      1. I think my son might have something to do with it. His room is filled with pirate toys, drawing, etc. He requests pirate TV shows daily. I can’t escape the influence 😂💚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ve written half a dozen in the past year. There was a time when I asked the kids for one item each and then I stuck the three together to form my children’s rhyme for the week.

        Liked by 1 person

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