I’ll Love You Every Day & Dear Daughter

I’ll love You Every Day

I’ll love you each and every day
From the rise of the morning sun
until the earthly day is done

There is no price I wouldn’t pay
I give of myself all you wish
presented on a silver dish

My love for you will never sway
With conviction I take your hand
together steadfast we will stand

Throughout life come whatever may
I promise we will rise above
flying with the strength of our love

My love for you will always stay
Far beyond this eternal stage
untouchable by time or age

5. Write a Constanza (this has nothing to do with Seinfeld)

Dear Daughter

Dear delicate daughter
Detail those dastardly deeds
Those dishonesty dares defeated daily

Do not dip into a dreamscape
Denounce the day
Do not drift away

Deny the devils
Drive them defiantly to their doom
Dear daughter
Come home soon

12. Use these words in a poem: delicate, daughter, detail, defeated, daily, dip

Weekly Theme:

Murisopsis Scavenger Hunt

23 thoughts on “I’ll Love You Every Day & Dear Daughter

  1. You took those prompts to another level!! Love the love poem and the daughter poem is what every child (and especially daughters) want to hear from their fathers!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I tried to write something that no one else would.
      I never thought I would love a woman as much as my wife and then my daughter was born.
      She has been a great inspiration for many of my posts.


  2. “Write a Constanza (this has nothing to do with Seinfeld)” <<< This cracked me up, especially after reading such a beautiful poem.
    The poem to your daughter is a mouthful of Ds that work perfectly together.
    Enjoy your weekend, mouse.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I cant take credit for the Constanza joke, it came with the prompt. It brought a smile to my face as well. I was going to write a poem called, ‘Serenity now, Jerry’ for it, but couldn’t find the words.
      I thought I would run with the Ds. Made sense at the time.
      Thanks for commenting.
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend


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