Everlasting Love & The Forgotten Ēostre

To have everlasting love
for a world such as this
I wonder, would Jesus
continue to spare a thought
The guidance he gave
having now gone amiss
Where the majority
refuse everything he taught

Farewell Fair Ēostre

Fair goddess of the spring
To hear you once again sing
But such is the way
of the changing land
that a hare delivers eggs
by supply and demand

Behold the Lamb of God, that takes away the sin of the World.

John 1:29

Disciple John’s World Renowned Slow Cooked Godly Lamb with Quail eggs
And Heavenly Handmade Manna.
No added MSG or SIN
Available Take Away or Home Delivery
From the 29th of January

We continue the vigil
Our nocturnal devotions
Two thousand years
Going through the motions

Weekly Theme:

17 thoughts on “Everlasting Love & The Forgotten Ēostre

  1. Oh twisty, you do tickle the funny bone….can you image the loves and fish happening today…no thanks I’m allergic to gluten, to much mercury in the fish, I’m a vegan …. etc etc…. well anyway hope you have a joyful Easter.

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  2. I actually do have some slow cooking lamb in the oven right now. Hmmm… glass of red, slow cooked lamb, and hopefully SBS will have Life of Brian on.

    I can handle a sermon,
    (just please not too much)
    but bunnies are vermin,
    when not in a hutch.

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    1. We had reindeer. Lamb is expensive here, and I’m the only one who likes it.
      Life if Brian on dvd 😉 though the wife refuses to watch it 🤣 I still don’t understand what is, and what isn’t blasphemy.

      Amazing rhyme. And so true. Rabbit is complete different once you skin it.

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      1. How could you eat reindeer at Easter? Surely reindeer is for Christmas dinner!
        I’ve had reindeer sausages, they were quite good.
        Blasphemy – I don’t actually think there is any blasphemy in Brian. It makes it very clear right at the start that Brian is not Jesus, and at no point is there any disrespect to a deity. The only aspect that could be considered offensive is the dig at people desperate to follow someone and not think for themselves…
        Oh, and I guess the stoning scene, which has a lot of taking the lord’s name in vain, which is commandment #2. That’s technically blasphemy, but then so is typing OMG!

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      2. He have it for both I don’t think it’s a Finnish tradition so much as ours.
        I’ve never had reindeer sausages, I’ll have to try that at some point.
        I think my wife considers the entire movie a mockery of jesus and therefore blasphemy. I don’t know if she has ever watched it 🤣
        Lol among so many other things.

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