Hot Crossed Origins (Hot Buns)


Sacrifice coupled with belief
As many consider it should
But I feel it somewhat twisted
To deem this Friday good

Christian Logic:
A horrific act that leads to salvation is good

Due to inflation and the rising unemployment rate caused by corona, the traditional rhyme:

One a penny
Two a penny
Hot cross buns

will now be:

Forget the penny
Can’t afford any
Hot cross buns

Myths of the Bun:

  • Roman in origin
  • A Saxon or pagan tradition
  • Created by a monk
  • Disliked by Tudor era protestants
  • Eaten for Good Friday breakfast
  • Did not go mouldy and used as medicine
  • Good luck charms
  • Able to ward off evil spirits
  • Make excellent bikinis
  • Have the power to summon John the Baptist Baker

They honestly have no idea of how, when, or why they exist.
(Also, I may have added a few myths at the end there.)

In all seriousness, I think the cross is a good idea. Without it we would just have hot buns and that seems a little too sexual for the solemn season.

The True Origin of the Hot Cross Bun

He said what?

He said that the bread is his flesh

Well then, you know what we have to do.


Crucify the bread!

Weekly Theme:

29 thoughts on “Hot Crossed Origins (Hot Buns)

  1. Oh lordy, crossed up buni tales, myth or truth? We’ll never know. I’ll take a 🥐 instead, don’t crucify me for my choice, k. Oh twist, I’m going to hell for sure. 😉🙏🏼💙

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  2. I had hot cross buns for the first time in Australia two years ago from a little street bakery where the line wound around the graffiti streaked block. Came home with a recipe and have been enjoying them year round ever since!

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  3. I’m hoping you didn’t make up the one about bikinis. 😀 Although I have no intention of trying it.
    Saxon/pagan tradition makes sense, as Easter was originally co-opted from orgiastic spring fertility festivals – I guess that sort of thing makes you hungry. I sometimes feel we’ve lost a lot by forgetting the old ways, but at least with the festival of gluttony that Easter now is, we’re recapturing some of the true meaning.

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    1. Oh yeah, you can make anything into a bikini 😉
      I agree. I’m not a fan of Christianity chopping and changing what would suit themselves and the mases of the day. Then to make it worse by denouncing or destroying the remains so there could be no other contender.
      I tried not to mention this kind of stuff in my posts this week. Some of the responses I’ve recieved already said I went to far 🤣

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    1. I know a few bloggers in that boat. Most took a break then came back as a ‘plan your travel style blog’ or travelled internally in their own country.
      Showing their readers some local and more personal places worked for some of them.
      I hope the travel bans lift soon and you are back to it 👍


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