Doha: Like A Cloak

Like a cloak, long and heavy, did I wear my lost love
The weight on my shoulders a cause of ill health
I say, leave loss behind, It’s easier to forget
if you do not constantly remind yourself

The Doha is a Hindi stanzaic form employing a rhyming couplet with long syllabic lines.The Doha is also used in Urdu verse. This form often steps away from the Hindi tradition of romantic verse and can also be written as didactic verse or used in longer narrative verse.

The elements of the Doha are:

Written in any number of couplets.
Each line is made up of 24 syllables and is paused by caesura at the end of the 13th syllable, making the line two phrases of 13 and 11 syllables. The rhyming couplets can be arranged as a quatrain breaking the line at the caesura.

23 thoughts on “Doha: Like A Cloak

      1. I had trouble while researching, there was some conflicting information on formation.
        But that is a great idea. I should listen to a few audio clips in the original language of the form to get a better idea of flow.
        Thanks the feedback, very helpful 😊

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    1. Hi eden,
      Thank you. I guess it’s a statement that is easier said than done for one in the situation.
      Letting go can be the hardest thing to do.
      Happy Sunday!

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